Olives of Beaulieu Squisito is a delicious Mediterranean blend of sundried tomatoes & capsicum, combined with traditional Italian herbs.

  • Mix Squisito with a tin of diced tomatoes.  Heat & serve over hot pasta.
  • Mix with oil and stir Squisito through freshly cooked pasta.
  • Combine Squisito with sour cream or yogurt.  Let mellow in fridge for an hour or two, serve with vegetable sticks or biscuits.
  • Add Squisito to meat-balls or rissoles.
  • Squisito tastes great in bolognaise or savoury mince dishes.
  • Cube feta cheese, drizzle with Olives of Beaulieu Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle with Squisito.  Great with canapés or salads.
  • Garlic Bread tastes divine with Squisito added to the butter.
  • Try a sprinkle in mashed potato, or on baked pumpkin.
  • Cut chicken breasts lengthways & sprinkle with Squisito, pan fry in some Olives of Beaulieu Extra Virgin olive oil on medium heat.
  • Why not just dunk bread in Extra Virgin Olive Oil then in Squisito next time you have friends around.
  • Add to some plain flour & coat chicken wings then bake.  Finger-licking good.
  • Sprinkle Squisito on mullet or mackerel 
$11.00 - 70g