Welcome to Olives of Beaulieu

Olives of Beaulieu is located near Inverell, on Northern Tablelands of NSW Australia. It is a family owned olive grove and produces olive products and estate manufactured spice blends, sauces and regional foods.

The plateau at Beaulieu (Australian pronunciation: Bolee-o), French for “Beautiful Place” has well-draining red soils and a micro-climate which one can grow stone fruits, nuts, citrus, grapes and of course olives.

The olives from the grove are harvested by the use of pneumatic rakes, with an umbrella style net placed under the trees to catch the olives. They are then transported in half tonne bins to a crushing plant, and are crushed within 24 hours and classified extra virgin.

We manufacture five spice blends, with tastes from around the world. They are Dukkah, (Eygptian) Zatar, (Lebanese) Harissa, (Tunisian) Squisito, (Italian) and HurryCurry (Indian).