Olives of Beaulieu Dukkah is an exotic Egyptian spice blend of almonds, sesame seeds & spices which will enhance the flavor of innumerable dishes.  Let your imagination run wild and experiment with Olives of Beaulieu Dukkah on your favourite recipes.

  • "Do the Dukkah Double Dunk" - get some crusty bread; a small bowl of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, & a small bowl of Dukkah.  Dunk your bread into the Oil & then into the Dukkah—Exquisite!
  • Coat chicken breasts, or a rack of lamb with Dukkah.
  • Sprinkle Dukkah on salads, hardboiled eggs or on egg dishes like quiches.
  • Add a small amount to savoury pastry or bread dough for that “something different”.
  • Sprinkle on green prawns prior to cooking.
  • When cooking fish, sprinkle Dukkah over the top just before you take it off the pan.Dukkah tastes great with cauliflower
  • Believe it or not, Olives of Beaulieu Dukkah is delicious on creamy vanilla 
    ice cream.
$12.00 - 100g