Olives Of Beaulieu HurryCurry is an Indian style curry blend, which will spice up your life, as well as your food.

  • For a mild Indian flavour lightly sprinkle over chicken, beef, fish, lamb, tofu or vegetables & panfry.
  • If you feel like a authentic curry, cook chopped onion in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until transparent, coat your preferred main ingredient & add to onions, brown & add stock (you can also include a can of coconut milk) & cook until tender. Salt to taste.
  • HurryCurry tastes great added to pumpkin soup, cauliflower cheese or baked potatoes.
  • When making sausage rolls add a bit of HurryCurry to the mince.
  • Kofta – put mince, onion, HurryCurry, breadcrumbs & salt to taste in the food processor, roll into small oval shapes & panfry. Get some cumin seeds & panfry in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dip Kofta into spiced oil.
  • Mix a small amount of HurryCurry with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a curry flavoured dipping oil to have with crusty bread.
  • Steam favourite veggies, ie, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, beans.  When just cooked, add HurryCurry, finely sliced red onion, egg mayonnaise & sour cream,  Serve hot, warm, cold.  The best curried vegetable salad.
$11.00 - 100g