Olives of Beaulieu Harissa is a Middle Eastern blend of chilli, garlic & spices & when mixed with equal amounts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes a fiery Tunisian paste to compliment many dishes.

  • Rub Harissa paste into beef, lamb, chicken, seafood or vegetables and chargrill, BBQ, panfry or bake.
  • Can be added to soups or tagines (a Middle Eastern Stew) for extra zing.
  • Enjoy Harissa in meatballs with a yogurt sauce
  • Add Harissa paste to boiling water when making the famous Moroccan dish couscous.
  • Harissa paste may be mixed with tomato paste & Olive Oil, then spread on Turkish bread, sprinkle with parmesan & grill.
  • May be added to natural yogurt or sour cream as a topping or potatoes or sprinkled in mashed potato.
  • Harissa works well on Pizza. 
  • Sprinkle Harissa on sliced avocado or mashed with sour cream & avocado.    
  • Ever thought of making your own sausages?  Harissa makes the perfect spicy sausage.
  • Sprinkle Olives of Beaulieu Harissa on your cooked steak instead of salt & pepper.                                          
$11.00 - 90g